Travelling to work and on business

People often assume that this is simple – all you need is a postcode for the satnav, and directions to the car park. But there are other things worth considering:

  • People who walk or cycle to work are healthier and have less absenteeism. They don’t get delayed in traffic and need much less space when they park
  • Some people can’t drive or don’t have the use of a car. By not making it easy for them to get to you, you could be missing out on  good staff and customers.
  • Staff and customers who do drive will welcome the chance to save money and/or get fitter by not driving for at least some of thetheir journeys
  • If you want to expand or relocate, you may have to produce a travel plan showing that you have made efforts to reduce traffic to your site.


Download Shropshire Council's guidance on writing a travel plan.


Shropshire Council’s Travel Shropshire team can offer advice to employers and employees about transport options. The offer is open to all workplaces in Shropshire and is all free or subsidised. 

We can offer: 

Maps and information - free

We can provide:

  • Online interactive maps and journey planners
  • Help with travel information for your website. See an example of good practice on the Marches Energy Agency's website.
  • Cycle route and bus timetable leaflets for your local area


Roadshow team personalised advice and events - free

Our specialist Travel Shropshire roadshow team can organise events at your workplace giving free personalised travel advice.


Events are tailored to meet local needs and may include:

  • Personalised journey planning advice for staff including bus routes, car share advice and cycle and walking route planning
  • Dr Bike safety checks for bicycles
  • Cycle confidence or maintenance training for staff
  • Cycle/walk to work breakfasts or lunches
  • Mixers to help staff to find colleagues with whom they could car share


Grants and advice for improvements to cycling facilities

Encouraging your employees to cycle to work can help reduce pressure on car parking spaces and keep your employees fit and healthy with improved concentration. It’s essential to provide your employees with good facilities including showers, changing areas and secure bicycle storage.


Shropshire Council can provide cycle stands for you to install at your workplace and advice on providing other facilities for cyclists.


We can also offer advice on setting up a cycle to work scheme to give employees access to a bicycle.  


Subsidies towards smarter driving courses

If your employees drive vehicles owned by your organisation, you could save hundreds of pounds each year by encouraging your staff to drive in a more efficient way.


The Energy Saving Trust offers courses for staff at £20 per head. If you have 8 staff signed up we’ll offer places on these courses at a subsidised cost of £15 per head.


Even if you don’t have a fleet of vehicles, your employees could benefit from taking this course to save money when driving their own cars on business. Fuel-saving driving techniques are also safer.

Shropshire wide car share scheme - free

Sign your company up to our Shropshire wide car share scheme to help your employees save money by car sharing on their journey to work. The website can be tailored to include your company’s logo and branding.


Pay as you go cars

Pay as you go is a convenient and affordable way to have the use of a car for business; whether you’re a small business and only need a car occasionally, or need an extra vehicle sometimes.


Co-wheels Shropshire manages a small fleet of fuel-efficient Ford cars which can be booked online or by phone, for as little as half an hour. Cars are based in Shrewsbury and Ludlow, and other locations in the county can be considered if there is enough demand.

Find out more on the Co-Wheels website.


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