Cycling tips and advice


Family cycling in the Quarry
Are you...

  • Worried about riding on the road?
  • Uncertain what stuff you need for your bike?
  • Nervous about cycling with children?
  • Confused by all the different road signs and markings?
  • Anxious about getting a puncture?
  • Unsure how to choose a bicycle?
  • Concerned about driving safely near cyclists?


Whatever's stopping you from getting out and about on your bicycle, Travel Shropshire can give you practical advice and help to make you more confident about cycling.


Choose from the list below for tips and advice on different subjects. If you can't find an answer to your questions or concerns, contact us directly call 01743 253008 or email

Advice on:


Learning to ride a bicycle

Our Getting Started leaflet has all the information you need about starting to ride with children, including advice on buying a bike. See our family friendly rides page for this leaflet and ideas for good places to cycle with children.


Shropshire Council offers cycle training for people of all ages and abilities.


Buying a bike

It's important to buy a good quality bike. Bike shops can help you to choose the right bike for you or your child. Visit our bike shops page for a list of bike shops in Shropshire.


Read our advice on buying a bicycle.


Check with your employer whether they offer the tax-free Cycle Purchase Scheme. 


Cycle safety

The NHS website has helpful adivce about cycle safety.


Read our advice for cycling in dark and wintery conditions.


Visit the Guardian's bike blog for advice on cycling in the snow.


Read London Cyclist's 7 mistakes you are making with your cycling and how you can correct them.


Road signs and markings

See our handy guide to cycle and pedestrian signs and road markings that you might see around Shropshire.

Keeping your bike in good condition

Read the London Cycling Campaign's great guide for checking your bike is fit to ride.


Most local bike shops offer bicycle repairs and servicing. Visit our bike shops page for more information.


Planning your route

Visit our cycle routes section for information about cycle routes in Shropshire.

Keeping your bike secure

Download the government's leaflet 'Steer clear of cycle theft'.


To find cycle parking in Shropshire visit our cycle parking page.

Taking your bike on the train

Visit our page with advice for cycling by train.

Where to dispose of or recycle your old bike

  • Wheels 2 Work will collect and recondition your bike and pass it on to someone who needs it. Call 01743 237883 or email to arrange a drop off or collection.
  • Household recycling centres - all Shropshire Council's household recycling centres accept bikes. Some will be repaired and sold at auction, but most go to general scrap metal recycling. Find out about your local recycling centre.
  • Freecycle - a scheme which allows you to find people to whom you can give things, such as bikes, that you don't want any more for free. It's a good way to get rid of bikes which are still in working condition but are no longer suitable for you to use. You may also be able to find a bike for yourself that someone else is giving away. 


The health benefits of cycling

Visit the CTC website for information about the health benefits of cycling.

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